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Are you finding yourself procrastinating?

Procrastination is just a coping mechanism, so if you're finding yourself procrastinating, it is probably because you are avoiding something, but what?

What ever it is there is a reason you are procrastination and this can be overcome with Ed's help.

Are you looking for more motivation?

Many people lack motivation when trying to success at something and it can all come down to past experiences. If lack of, motivation is an issue for you, then working with Ed will help you to work this through and you'll learn many new skills to help you achieve your desired results.


✅ More fulfilment in life

✅ Sense of achievement

✅ Recognition

✅ Sense of accomplishment

✅ Positive impact on others

✅ Personal development

✅ Improved life

✅ Better health

✅ Better wellness

✅ Freedom


Download my 17 Page Action Plan for success, included is my 10 Top Tips to help your success, essentially what I have learnt about being successful.

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Success is just another term for achieving something we to achieve.

Being successful is subjective and could be anything to you. Success could mean;

  • Financial freedom

  • Running a business

  • Passing an exam

  • Gaining a qualification

  • Losing weight

  • Buying a house

  • Owning a flash car

The list goes on, however the point is that it only matters to you.

Do you fear success?


This is all about how you value yourself; low self worth/self esteem, lack of confidence, you may feel that you do not deserve to be successful.

A fear of success is often caused by being knocked back when you have worked hard for something or wanting to do/try something. Perhaps you come from a background where successful people are far and few between. It is possible that you have been told that you "won't amount to anything".


Because of this, you'll be doubting yourself, second guessing all the time, procrastinating, you may even be experiencing confusion or internal conflict.

Fears of success can be overcome and you can start by replicating those that have already achieved what you want.

Do you fear failure?


Here is the reality… The only thing stopping you, is you, BUT, it’s not as straight forward as that, is it?!


Because you have this niggling thing in your mind that doubts everything, it makes you question yourself, whilst on top of all that you’re thinking “OMG, WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK!”


Ok, so we know what’s going on, but why?


Somewhere, somehow, you have felt shamed, embarrassed, humiliated, upset, criticised in some way, shape or form when you have done what you felt was your absolute best and you were proud of what you done.


This theme has probably been repeated in similar situations, and because of this you have built up defence mechanisms, so you don’t have to feel any of those aforementioned feelings.


It is this very thing that is holding you back from reaching any kind of success you want to achieve.


The good news is, it can all be fixed, you no longer have to live with the defence mechanisms you have learnt that are protecting you from feeling hurt and preventing you from being successful.


You can start by doing what you want to do that will give you success and ignore what everyone else thinks.


Forget what others say or think, they are not living your life. It is easy to judge, it takes a special person to support.


It is important to understand that the symptoms and causes mentioned are not set in stone and it only takes one of the situations above to happen to have caused an impact on you.

If you can relate to any of these issues above, then please do click the link below to contact me for a Complimentary Call so we can make you a success.


What Clients Say

"Ed is marvellous to work with. He puts you so at ease and the difference he has made to me in just a few sessions is amazing. I definitely recommend him."

- Lee


With over 12 years working as a successful therapist and helping other to achieve their goals and desires Ed is well versed and fully equipped to help you gain the success that you want.

Ed uses a variety of psychological approaches to change your mind set and beliefs that are holding you back.

What will you gain by working with Ed

Ed will make no promises, however, he always puts in 100% and if you do the same and if you do what is asked, what other outcome can you expect?

By working with Ed you will

Improve performance

Gain motivation

Grow in confidence

Learn new LIFE LONG skills

Gain a better understanding of yourself

Reprogram your mind

Stop unwanted behaviours

Remove negative beliefs

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