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Terms & Conditions 

Last modified 27th March 2024



All appointments are online via Zoom


I do not charge for an initial consultation, however, when appointments are missed, £50 will be charged for the next appointment if 48 hours notice is not given for a cancellation or none-arrival.

All fees are to be paid in advance.

  • I offer a complimentary consultation

  • £1,500 per month (minimum of 3 months at 2 x 90min sessions each month) + ongoing support

  • £500 for a 90min 1-1 strategy session

2. Refunds 

There are no refunds on products brought through this site, this includes any Zoom session/appointments. 

If you have paid for a Zoom appointment in advance and decide you do not want to go though with the appointment I will only be able to return 50% of your payment. Your appointment space has been reserved for you and part payment is for preparation and time lost.


3. Cancellations/Non arrival 

No fees will be returned for cancelled appointments, once the appointment has been made, it cannot be carried over, if you miss or cancel the appointment, the appointment has been lost.

You probably have a very good reason for having to cancel/miss the appointment, however that space has been reserved for you and cannot be filled.


4. Late or early arrival 

If you arrive early please wait online to be let in to the meeting session.


If late for an appointment, your coach will attempt to offer the best possible service within the time left. However the appointment will end at the agreed time with no adjustment to the fee. 


5. Confidentiality 

All communication taking place during the meetings is confidential, subject to certain provisions; I am not at liberty to withhold information from the police. I am required to inform the authorities if there is a possibility that you or a member of the public is at risk.


6. GDPR/Data protection act 

I keep your details on file for seven years, they may be kept on hard copy or computer, this information will be kept secure, as per GDPR guidelines on client security. The client is entitled to a copy of these details whilst kept by the coach, in accordance with the Data Protection Act/GDPR, there is a charge of £20 per copy for this service. 


7. Guarantees 

There are a number of complex factors influencing the success of individuals and, whilst benefits are typically observed in the majority of cases, there can be no guarantees of success or cure in relation to a condition or its treatment. 


Ed Francis reserves the right to cancel or postpone an appointment if there are circumstances beyond his control. 50% of your payment will be returned should you decide not to continue. Your appointment space has been reserved for you and part payment is for preparation and time lost. 

Ed Francis reserve the right to change practice venues 

Ed Francis reserves the right to change/update the fees and the terms and condition without notice. 

Distribution of any content is strictly prohibited, Ed Francis is the author and full owner of any content. Anyone found copying, duplicating or distributing content from Ed Francis, this website or courses/group sessions run by Ed Francis may have legal action taken against them.


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